Rental Guidelines

Renters have exclusive use only of the event space at – 324 E. Walnut St. Lancaster, PA 17602.


​ Maximum occupancy is 50 people.


  • Do  not stand on chairs or tables to put up decorations. Ladders are available upon request. 3M strips or masking / painter's tape must be used to hang decorations on the walls. Nothing is to be hung from the ceiling. Confetti is not permitted.

  • Open flames are not permitted with the exception of birthday candles and those used for specific food service operations.


  • Take care of any spills or big messes. Normal cleaning will be done after the renter leaves. There is a mop available if needed.


  • All trash must be bagged and put in the dumpster at the rear corner of the parking lot. Extra bags are provided and kept in the closet.


  • BYOB waiver must be signed if renter will be providing alcohol to guests. Lessor encourages all hosts to obtain event insurance with an alcohol liability insurance policy in addition to the waiver.

  • No smoking is allowed anywhere on the premises. Any violation of this rule will result in a minimum fine of $200 plus the cost of damages.

  • Please remember to turn all lights out and lock the door when you leave. (If renter forgets – not a big deal – lights are LED).


  • No animals of any kind are permitted on the premises. Any violation of this rule will result in a minimum fine of $200 for rules violation plus the cost of damages.


  • No cooking or food prep is permitted on the premises; however, renters may bring food and store it in the fridge or reheat food in the microwave. Deep fryers are not permitted.


  • Do not flush anything besides toilet paper down the toilet, including but not limited to: tampons, sanitary napkins, lobsters and baby wipes.

  • Please keep noise & amplified music at a reasonable level to be respectful of upstairs tenants. Loud music is not allowed. You will be responsible of any fines imposed by the city as a result of violations to the noise ordinance during your event plus $200 administrative fee.

  • Parking on the street is 2-hour parking. There is a parking lot at 320 E. Fulton St. for additional parking (Must be approved ahead of time as it is only available evenings and weekends).

  • We might post on our social media channels about your event. Let us know if you want to opt out.

Cancellation Policy: A $100 fee will apply for cancellations within more than two weeks. Cancellations are not permitted two weeks prior of your event. If cancelled within two weeks a credit can be given ( minus $100 non refundable deposit) - You may use this credit for a future event.